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Mid-America Christian University Degree Programs

Associate's Degree Programs
Bachelor's Degree Programs
Master's Degree Programs

Mid-America Christian University offers associate, bachelor's and master's level programs in a Christian environment, as well as affordable online degrees.
 OUR MISSION: Mid-America Christian University equips students to impact their world for Christ through achieving Bible-based academic excellence in a Christian environment so that students professionally serve in their chosen vocation/ministry.
  • Mid-America Christian University's online programs carry one of the lowest costs-per-unit in the country
  • Courses may be taken one night per week in the classroom or 100% online
  • Accelerated formats help you complete your degree quickly
  • Balance school, work and family life with flexible scheduling options
This mission guides all the purposes, goals, and activities of the Mid-America Christian University. The mission and purpose of Mid-America Christian University affirm the basic goal to equip men and women for effective Christian ministry, proving that a person does not have to be a pastor or a missionary to have a ministry.

All Christians are called to serve Christ and minister to others. Many Mid-America Christian University graduates exercise this responsibility as pastors and full-time church ministers. However, others are called to serve as musicians, teachers, counselors, or in other ways. The mission statement of Mid-America Christian University is congruent with the objectives and purposes of the institution. It continues to be evident in practical application.

Mid-America Christian University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Oklahoma Commission on Teacher Preparation.
Graduate Programs
  • Master of Business Administration
  • MBA - Accounting
  • MBA - Health Care Administration
  • MBA -  International Business
  • Masters of Science in Counseling - Professional Counselor
  • Masters of Science in Counseling - Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • Masters of Science in Counseling - Chaplanary
  • Masters of Science in Counseling - Marital and Family Therapy
  • Masters of Science in Counseling - Pastoral
  • Masters of Arts in Leadership
  • Masters of Arts in Leadership - Business Management
  • Masters of Arts in Leadership - Higher Education Administration
  • Masters of Arts in Leadership - Public Administration
  • Masters of Arts in Leadership - Spanish

Undergraduate Programs
  • Associate in Arts and Ethics
  • Business Administration in Accounting and Ethics
  • Business Administration and Ethics
  • Christian Ministry
  • Health Care Administration and Ethics
  • Management and Ethics
  • Management Information Systems and Ethics
  • Public Administration and Ethics
  • Public Administration and Ethics - Criminal Justice
  • Psychology and Ethics
  • Communication - Public Relations
  • Criminal Justice Correctional Emphasis
  • Criminal Justice Administration and Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Management
  • Certificate of Worship Leadership

Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Christian College

You know the value of a good education.

Earning your degree can transform your future and set you on a path of success. A college degree will open doors of opportunity for your career and your ministry. But does it make a difference if you attend a Christian college? What should you look for in a faith-based education? Before you register for classes, here are the top 7 things you need to know when selecting a Christian college.

  1. Personal Enrichment and Spiritual Growth.
    A Christian college should place your personal development and spiritual growth as top priority. Courses taught from a Christian worldview will prepare you for unprecedented growth in your knowledge and your walk with God.
  2. Degrees that Prepare You for Your Calling.
    God has placed a unique calling on your life. You have a vision to fulfill and a mission to accomplish. Make sure the college you choose offers the degree program that will best prepare you for your profession - and your purpose.
  3. Time for Your Family, Ministry, and Life's Other Demands.
    When it comes to education today, flexibility is key. With numerous demands on your time, you'll need to fit studying into an already busy schedule. Choose the college that understands you have other life commitments, and offers flexible learning environments such as online formats.
  4. Professors Who Care About and Encourage You.
    When you're surrounded by faculty and staff who profess faith in Christ and have made a commitment to encourage you on your journey, you never walk alone.
  5. Like-Minded Community of Believers.
    A faith-based student body offers care and support as you accomplish one of the greatest achievements of your life. A Christian college provides a place for Christ followers to encourage one another and develop lasting relationships.
  6. World-Class Education at an Affordable Price.
    You want to be a good steward of the resources God has entrusted to your care. Find an affordable college that shares your commitment to economical and excellent education. You shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for affordability.
  7. Support Network for the Classroom and Beyond.
    A university committed to your success should offer trusted technology, such as online tutoring and writing services, and employ cutting-edge trends to give you the best college experience possible. Seek a school that will also connect you with professional networks for future employment opportunities. The best college will prepare you academically, spiritually, and professionally for the road ahead.

Above all, pray about it. Ask God to guide you in the right direction when choosing a college. The right Christian college will understand your goals and help you to achieve them. When you've found the school that's best for you, you'll know it. And if it's a school that ranks highly in all 7 of these areas, you'll reap the benefits of an education with eternal value.

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